Beating the Rush – Commercial Build Out

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Commercial Build-out Story

One of the benefits of working as a Class A General Contractor is the wide variety of projects and clients we are able to support. One example is our recent client, Fit Body Boot Camp gym located in Alexandria VA. They needed a full build-out in time to meet their grand opening.

Class A General Contractor

The client had an architect in place and design ready to go – and so were we. With our teams in place, we set out to beat the ambitious 4-week delivery date. Four weeks might seem like plenty of time for a state-of-the-art buildout – but when you add in the holiday seasons – schedules can get really tight, quick.

Image of retail buildout by CM Commercial

Walls, Wires, and More

Some elements of a buildout are constant – you’ve got to have walls, electricity, HVAC, and plumbing.  Of course, the team at Fit Body Boot Camp wants to be good neighbors to the tenants around them, so that meant soundproofing the gym to keep the beats inside and not out would be necessary.  This unique element of the project was proposed after the start of construction and a solution was needed quickly.  Without missing a beat our team was able to integrate the right solution in the right place at the right time. One benefit of partnering with CM Commercial.

Image of commercial buildout for boot camp gym

Lights, Flooring, and Custom Millwork

The soundproofing makes sense, but custom millwork at a boot camp facility?  Building a space that carried some of the old and the new was just right for this gym in Alexandria. Perfect lighting for each step and lunge, and just the right flooring to endure everything a boot camp crew can throw or drop. The custom millwork – that is just icing on the cake – and makes the space even more comforting for a tough workout.

commercial buildout with custom millwork fit body boot camp alexandria va

Project Delivered on-time

With the finishing touches in place: painting, hardware features, and security system the grand opening of Fit Body Boot Camp was set for February 3rd. And thanks to our team of teams at CM Commercial we delivered without a hitch!

If you’re looking for a beautiful transformation of your current or future office space and find yourself on a tight deadline with your next commercial buildout– contact CM Commercial. We have seen and worked through enough of the challenges you are likely facing, and we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive Class A General Contracting and Pre-Construction Services.